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March 2, 2021

Applications TracerPlus

Remember the old “There’s an App for That” campaign launched by Apple just over 10 years ago? Turns out the popular slogan is true for TracerPlus, also. While we specialize in developing applications to help you streamline asset tracking and inventory management, here are some samples of commonly used apps that are available on TracerPlus.com to use as is or can be customized to your specific needs.

Asset Tracking

Track your assets from the comfort of your desktop or laptop with the PC Asset Check In and Out app. With remote work and education becoming the new normal, you need to be able to precisely track your assets – what you have, who they’re assigned to and where they are.

Easily customizable to suit your needs, the Medical Equipment Tracking app uses barcode scanning to help you manage your medical equipment inventory. Know where your assets are and who’s using them with this hassle-free application.

Inventory Management

Need to know what you have in a hurry? The RFID Rapid Counter app gives you an accurate count of your inventory with the single pull of the trigger. The app counts your assets by scanning your RFID tags and uses the first characters of the tag numbers to give you an accumulated total.

Misplaced chemicals can be a big problem if you can’t find them right away. With the RFID Chemical Inventory Tracking app, you can perform a quick scan based on location to establish an inventory count or use the Geiger counter to locate missing chemicals

Route Accounting

Dependability in the delivery of goods has never been more important than it is today. Use the Delivery of Goods app to accurately and efficiently ensure you’re providing the right products to the right customer.

Improve the accuracy of your shipments with the Bill of Lading app from TracerPlus. Verify your items by scanning them and comparing them to your pre-loaded packing slip. You can even track potential damages with the camera functionality.

Field Service Applications

Make process serving easier with the Subpoena Serving & Tracking app. Electronically serve court-issue subpoenas with your mobile device and eliminate the need for paper documentation.

Your fleet of vehicles is an expensive resource that helps your business function. Track your vehicles so you can better maintain them with the VIN Scanning and Odometer Capture app. Use it to track mileage so you know when you need to schedule oil changes and other routine maintenance to keep your vehicles safely on the road.

Retail Applications

Go paperless and speed up your equipment rental processes with our Rental Tracking app. With an easy-to-use check-in/check-out function, you can easily track your retail inventory while getting your customers in and out the door faster and more efficiently.

Make your sales process more efficient with the Mobile Sales app. Track customer purchases, tax percentages and inventory while improving the customer experience and expediting the sales process.

Miscellaneous Applications

Need to know exactly where you are? The GPS Location Tracker provides latitude and longitude so you pinpoint your exact location and relative location in any country.

Enjoy your time off the clock with the Golf Score Tracker app. With the ability to pull up past scores, you can compare your performance on the greens to see if you’re getting close to qualifying for the PGA. Or just keep track of your foursome for bragging rights until the next round.

From field service applications that help you operate your business more efficiently to recreational apps that help you enjoy your time off the clock, TracerPlus offers a variety of solutions to help you manage your success and improve your productivity in the real world.

Ready to see how we can help you? Give it a try and download the free TracerPlus Desktop app. Start with one of our standard applications and customize it to fit your unique needs and goals.  


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