Chemical Tracking with RFID

October 19, 2021

The desire for maintaining accurate chemical inventory levels in labs throughout the world has grown, primarily influenced by cost control, time management and government regulations. Each of these drivers have those managing chemical labs struggling to find solutions with the least financial, technical and time commitments as possible. The desire to maintain accurate levels have shifted to requirements as a result. Labs, whether corporate, governmental or educational institutions, have had to undertake research seeking solutions that fit their unique needs and circumstances, and doing so with data security in mind, especially with recent high-profile ransomware attacks and takeovers.

Efforts in tracking chemicals in labs has evolved in recent years. Leading up to this evolution, staff had to manually inventory their chemicals, and some still are. This method is highly inefficient by today’s standards and leads to accuracy, cost and, especially in the chemical space, safety issues. Many evolved to barcode scanning, a practice which, while more efficient than a fully manual process, is still time consuming and dangerous when it comes to handling chemicals. Now, the most effective way to inventory chemicals is through the use of Radio-Frequency Identification, or RFID technology.
Of the software solutions available today, the “off the shelf” options do not satisfy the needs for flexibility, customization, and licensing, and, in many cases, security.

When viewed through a global lens, TracerPlus, from Portable Technology Solutions (PTS), partnered with scanning hardware provider, Zebra Technologies, is the most efficient way of addressing all facets of this complicated landscape.
In this paper, you will learn about the flexibility, affordability and security that comes with a .......


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