May 5th, 2020 – PTS COVID UPDATE

May 7, 2020

As we approach our third month of COVID-19 shelter in place in New York and New Jersey (PTS office locations), we wanted to send an update on the current situation at PTS.

First, we want to thank our amazing customers, partners and vendors who have worked with PTS and have relied on PTS over the last two months. This amazing group of people has enabled PTS to maintain 100% employment levels. We have been fortunate so far that not one of our team has been put on unemployment or been furloughed. The entire PTS team is so grateful that we are working with such an amazing community.

What’s next? This month PTS will begin to bring staff back into the offices while allowing others to work from home, as they have done since March 24th. Those who have children who are not going back to school or day care will more than likely work from home through the summer and into the fall. As an essential NY business, we feel it is important to allow team members to return to the office occasionally, to get away and work in a safe place.

Personally, we want to pass along our sincere thanks to everyone who has stuck with PTS through these times. PTS celebrated 20 years of business this April. Unfortunately, we didn’t have the party we planned but bigger things have taken place. We jumped into a foxhole with the best partners, customers and vendors in business today. Thank you all.


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