TracerPlus Now Supports Windows PCs

April 15, 2020

Portable Technology Solutions, LLC (PTS) announces the release of its market-leading TracerPlus mobile data collection software for Windows PCs, with a new subscription option.  Now, TracerPlus PC (version 10.2) adds the flexibility to move seamlessly between portable devices, desktop computers, and laptops.
With TracerPlus, users can create both simple and complex data-collection applications and easily deploy them to iOS, Android, Windows mobile, and now Windows PC devices. TracerPlus is enterprise-class mobile and RFID software that is compatible with a broad range of consumer and professional hardware. TracerPlus can be configured to any user’s precise needs with absolutely no programming required. TracerPlus 10.2 is available for free trial download at the TracerPlus website.  Read full news on TracerPlus News 


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